Tuesday, May 17, 2011

meet our (other) parrots

my how time flies when you procrastinate! but it takes time for parrot chickerlings (scientific term) to blossom into concentric wooden statues. it takes two monthses time.

and here they are:

grouped together according to beak type for your convenience. would you like a closer look? (yes) cool!

a red-and-green macaw, or Ara chloropterus if you like your birds to sound like dinosaurs (but birds are dinosaurs [sssh]).

next is a red-tailed black cockatoo, especially of interest to those who like their birds sexually dimorphic. i know i do (wink).

be careful not to be blinded by the sun (conure)! though you could feasibly be blinded by this one due to his excruciating brightness.

next up is a bourke's parrot. this species almost certainly came about from gently dipping a budgie into some creamy pink paint. or not. i'm not a scientist.

last of all is a bandit parrot. oh you want his real name? he is known as a musk lorikeet, green leek, or king parrot. but he only answers to musk lorikeet because the other two names are lies.

he is also the third Australian parrot on the page. guess the other two to win a prize! (the prize is an expanded knowledge of Australian birds).

well wasn't that fun? AND educational. all of the best things are. except watching pandas climb trees - that's just funny.



p.s. more pictures on our facebook page, including the favourite 'sideways' and 'butt' poses

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  1. I discovered these by accident when I was googling cockateils and I LOVE them!!!!!!