Friday, June 10, 2011

365 animals

for those of you who haven’t already stumbled across it, i thoroughly recommend having a look at my passerine colleague’s latest endeavour: 365 animals.

for the past month she has been blogging the world’s myriad animal species – one for each day – in equally myriad artistic styles. so far we have seen pointilised chameleons, felt-tipped gibbons, water-coloured fiddlers, chalk-dust bee-eaters, potato-stamped fishes, long-stitched llamas and a panoply of waiter and bandit animals (she can explain). her most recent effort involved painting her very own face.

the blog is also a repository of the world’s oddest animal photographs and videos; painstakingly teased from the internet and collected herself while abroad. pandas falling out of trees, llamas eating banana skins and construction worker-mimicking lyrebirds; only the very finest. these accompany every post as well as an informative treatise on the creature in question.

thirty-eight animals, each as brilliant as the next have graced the blog to date. quick, go there now she's about to post 39, her namesake, the sparrow.

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