Thursday, March 24, 2011

meet our owls

happy thursday!
i trust you are well. aren't you just loving this weather?
you know who else loves this weather? owls. our rainbow owls to be exact.

every colour of the rainbow.
except red. and indigo. and also violet. plus a pink one.
more OBPGY than ROY G BIV...

monsieur orange - orange you glad you get to meet him.... classic

señor blue - nothing funny to say here. he's a serious guy

mademoiselle pink - she is just tickled to meet you

herr green - a forest cutie

and finally fräulein yellow - as tiny as a peanut and twice as tasty

i hope you like your puns as much as you like your matryoshkas! until the next introduction i bid you adieu, adios, and auf wiedersehen. oooh accidental alliteration!


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