Sunday, August 8, 2010


now that the photo ban has been lifted we can share our schaffas with you. if you don't know what a schaffa is fair enough - they're pretty weird. go here to find out more. basically a schaffa is a plain wooden toy (created by the designer duo that is screamdance) waiting for an artist to have their arty way with it.

almost one hundred of these were on display in the black sheep foyer on friday night and boy were the efforts depressing! so much creativity and effort this time around - even more than in the inaugural schaffas exhibition way back in 2008.

now on to our contributions (from worst to best) as i'll let the mantis show off his own masterpiece: meet the L.P. coq...

photographed by screamdance

photographed by screamdance

well there you go. a bright little bird who likes his jazz hot.


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